Steam generating
module unisteam™-e Line

3 days production time, 12 months warranty, worldwide delivery,
assembling and start-up procedures in any part of the world.

Steam generating
module unisteam™-e Line

Industrial steam generators UNISTEAM™-E line produce up to 10 tons of steam per hour with pressure up to 160 kgs/cm 2 and are intended for industrial companies in which steam supply is used in technological processes.

Easy in operation, cost effective, and highly reliable. It can be installed indoors or can be mounted in the container 5 sq.m. and more.

We will offer you the optimal variant of UNISTEAM™ equipment according to your specific needs and assist in preparation of technical specification.

Models Unisteam™-e Line In Stock

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Industrial steam generator UNISTEAM™-E line

equipped with PAR2 system; fuel tank 350 l; electro drive of air shutter; control panel, liquid-fuel burning device; unit drive from electro drive; fuel filter; fuel line pipe, SPTA for steam generating unit.


Technical Characteristics Of
unisteam™-e Steam Generators:

Unisteam™-E consists of welded frame module with installed technological equipment:

  • Welded frame module with embedded parts for equipment assembling.
  • Steam boiler 1600/100 with steam capacity 1600 kg/h, pressure 100 kgs/
  • Quick-detachable Liquid- fuel burner.
  • Air fan with electro drive.
  • Fuel pump with electro drive.
  • Electricity Dashboard.
  • Kits and additional equipment:
    • SPTA of steam generating unit and equipment.
    • Accompanying documents.