Industrial Steam Generators
unisteam™-x line

3 days production time, 12 months warranty, worldwide delivery,
assembling and start-up procedures in any part of the world.

Industrial Gas And Diesel Steam
generators Unisteam™-x

Industrial steam generators UNISTEAM™-X line produce up to 10 tons of steam per hour with pressure up to 160 kgs/ and are intended for industrial companies in which steam supply is used in technological processes.

UNISTEAM™-X steam boilers are equipped with intuitive control system which allows controlling steam production process and monitoring the working parameters remotely through mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms, and via internet browsers Safari, Google Chrome, IE.

Industrial steam boilers of UNISTEAM™-X line are reliable and low-maintenance; they comprise of a boiler unit compactly mounted on a frame with easy maintenance access.

12 months warranty is provided for all UNISTEAM™ steam generators; after sales service is provided by on-site teams.

We will offer you the optimal variant of UNISTEAM™ equipment according to your specific needs and assist in preparation of technical specification.

Intuitive Control System And Reports
on Water, Gas And Electricity consumption

UNISTEAM™-X industrial steam boilers are equipped with intuitive control system which allows monitoring the working parameters through touch screen, mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms, and via internet browsers Safari, Google Chrome, IE.

  • Automatic start/stop of steam generator.
  • Automated safety control systems and standby operation mode.
  • Programmed adaptive steam load.
  • Control over generators working in cascade mode.
  • Generation of expense reports (water, gas and electricity consumption) with an option to copy on USB card or print.


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  unisteam-x Standard unisteam-x Optimal unisteam-x Premium
Boiler capacity 1600/100 1600/100 1600/100
Pump Hikarimai Hikarimai Hikarimai
Reverse tank 400 l 400 l 400 l
Fuel tank none 400 l 400 l
Shut-off valve Manual control Electric drive Electric drive
Control valve Optional + +
Burning device Natural gas, with gas manifold Diesel, natural gas, with gas manifold Diesel, natural gas, with gas manifold
Steam separator Optional Made of carbon steel Made of carbon steel
Complete automation - + +
Wireless control access - Optional +
Cascade mode - Optional +

Boiler Components

Modernized steam boiler with built-in economizer
Dual-fuel burning device UNIFLAMES engineered
inhouse (natural gas, diesel fuel, propane-butane mixture)
Steam separator allowing the output of
dry high quality steam
Reliable components from leading world brand such as
Honeywell, Hyundai, Speck, SKF, WIKA, PROVALVE
Intuitive Control System

Technical Characteristics

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Parameters Model 1000 Model 1600 Model 2500
Нeated fluid Water Water Water
Capacity, kg/h 1000±10% 1600±10% 2500±10%
Steam temperature, °С 175-200 175-200 175-200
Boiler working pressure, МPа (kgf/ 1.6 (16.0) 1.6 (16.0) 1.6 (16.0)
Fuel used for the unit’s work natural gas/ diesel fuel natural gas/ diesel fuel natural gas/ diesel fuel
Gas consumption, kgh 74.6 119.35 186.4
Diesel fuel consumption, kgh 55 89 138
Fuel pressure, MPa 4.2-5.1 4.2-5.1 4.2-5.1
Time required to generate steam after the boiler start-up, max 10 10 10
Drive of all special equipment mechanisms electric drive electric drive electric drive
Steam generators' control control touch pad/Web browser control touch pad/Web browser control touch pad/Web browser

* Steam generators for industrial use are recommended for use in conjunction with the chemical feed water treatment system to both provide the steam boiler with a proper environment for heating and significantly prolong its lifetime.

* Unisteam series models are equipped with the steam separator, if the dry unsaturated steam at the outlet is necessary.

* Both water for the boiler and fuel or gas are fed from the customer’s source and by connecting via the conveniently located jacks.

UNISTEAM™-X Benefits


Fast heating-up

Time from boiler start up to steam generation no more than 10 minutes.


Flexible steam generation

Flexible steam generation and adjustable volume of steam supply.


Intuitive Control

Steam generators of UNISTEAM™-X line are complete with automation system and intuitive control by means of touch screen. Control of system operation might be maintained through mobile devices powered by IOS and Android, as well as through Internet browsers Safari, Google, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


Economical operation

Increased efficiency of boiler by means of inbuilt economizer. Saving consumption of the mediums.


Extended service life

Extended life of boiler by means of chemical water treatment system (optional).


Small size and mobility

Small dimensions and light weight 2400*1500*2400 mm. Assembled unit weight = 1 500 kg. Can be transported by light duty vehicles.


Engineering consulting and Training of operators

Consulting by engineering specialists from the stage of technical assignment to on-sight installation. Training of operators at UNISTEAM™ classrooms or online.



All products of UNISTEAM™ steam generators plant are fully certified and have all necessary licenses and approvals.

How To Purchase


Approval of technical specification (for individual projects)


On-site visit of engineering specialists (for individual projects)


Development of technical documentation and technical processes (for individual projects)


Engineering, production, factory testing


Shipment and assembling procedures

Fields Of Application

Industrial steam boilers are intended for needs of food processing, road construction, agricultural, chemical, and healthcare industries. We will offer you the optimal configuration of UNISTEAM™ boiler according and industry.

Alcoholic and carbonated beverage production
Dry-cleaners, laundries, hotels
Food industry
Textile industry
Medical industry, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry
Concrete production

Uniflames – Dual Fuel Burner For
unisteam™-x Steam Generators



Burner design has no moving and wearing parts



Burner can run on both natural gas, diesel fuel and propane-butane mixture



Burners are used complete with only high-quality world-renowned components (Danfoss, HoneyWell, poma)



Heat power range is 185 to 1100 kW



There is no need to install additional adapter plates for the burner mounting into the straight-through boilers of the truck mounted oilfield steam generators

Technical Characteristics

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Parameter Value
Nominal thermal capacity, kW 1100
Connected gas pressure, MPa (before a gas ramp) Up to 0,6
Gas pressure before a burner (behind a gas valve) , kPa 4,2-5,1
Air pressure before a burner, kPa 1,8
Starting capacity of a burner, kW, up to 185
Gas flow Q=7600 kcal/cub.m. t=20⁰C), cub.m./h 125
Operating adjustment factor, not less 6
Air temperature before a burner, up to, °С 110
Minimum index of air excess at normal heat release 1,15-1,2
Time of gas supply safety shutdown during burner firing, sec, up to 3
Time of gas supply safety shutdown in the case of loss-of- flame, sec, up to 2
Operating supply voltage, V 220/380/24
Electric power consumption, kW, up to 1,1
Equivalent noise level, dBA, up to 70
Burner dimensions, mm, up to  
Length 310
Width 310
Height 600
Weight, kg, up to 13
Cold climate version GOST 15150-69- comliant, operational temperature from 5 to 50 °С у. 1
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Fuel Calorific capacity, kcal/kg (kcal/cub.m.) Fuel consumption, kg/h (cub.m./h) Consumption per 8 h shift Consumption per 24 h shift
Natural gas 7600 kcal/m3 119,35 m3 954,8 m3 2864,4 m3
Propane/butane mix In summer period
≈27800 kcal/m3
32,6 m3/h 69 kg/h (126 l/h) 260,8 m3 552 kg (1008 l) 782,4 m3 1656 kg (3024 l)
In winter period
≈25900 kcal/m3
35 m3/h 71 kg/h (137 l/h) 280 m3 586 kg (1096 l) 840 m3 1704 kg (3288 l)
Diesel 10200 kcal/kg 89 kg/h (105 l/h) 712 kg (840 l) 3136 kg (2520 l)

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