Containerized Steam Boiler Houses

Steam Generators Unisteam™-s Line

Stationary Steam boilers of UNISTEAM™-S are intended for facilitation of hard-to- reach oil extraction and industrial cleaning of oil well equipment. Containerized Steam boilers of Unisteam™-S line also serve performing fireproofing of railroad transportation tanks and warming up bulk cargo.


Stationary Steam Generator Modules

Steam Generators Unisteam™-e Line

Industrial steam generators UNISTEAM™-E line produce up to 10 tons of steam per hour and are intended for industrial companies in which steam supply is used in technological processes.


Industrial Steam Generators

Industrial Steam Generators Unisteam™-x Line

UNISTEAM™-X steam boilers are equipped with intuitive control system which allows controlling steam production process and monitoring the working parameters remotely through mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms, and via internet browsers Safari, Google Chrome, IE.


Portable Steam Generators Mounted On Truck Chassis

Portable Steam Generators Unisteam™-m Line Mounted On Truck Chassis

Portable Steam Generators UNISTEAM™-M line mounted on truck chassis are created for effective cleaning of oil well pipelines and equipment from wax. Up to 8 hours of continuous operation, increased excess strength of a boiler, and component parts from world leading brands.


Portable Steam Generators Mounted On Trailers

Portable Steam Generators Unisteam™-mp Line Mounted On Trailers

Trailer-Mounted portable steam generator is a compact version of truck-mounted model. It is fully autonomous by means of installed diesel generator. Trailer-mounted steam generator is intended for continuous operation in harsh climatic conditions (from –45°С to +45°С).


Spare Parts And Accessories

Compatible To All Models Of Unisteam™ Equipment

UNSITEAM™ steam generators plant manufactures spare parts and accessories for entire UNISTEAM™ product line. Full range of accessories is ALWAYS in Stock. We provide global delivery.