Warranty And Service


Warranty period covers 1000 motohours or 12 months from the date of equipment transfer to client and expires under the term which approaches first.

UNISTEAM™ Steam generators plant guaranties problem-free performance of UNISTEAM™ equipment if conditions of storage, transportation, and operation, specified in the instructional manuals, are met by the Client.

If during the warranty period a defect (both of equipment or its component parts) owing to substandard production appears, the Manufacturer guarantees to eliminate defects of this kind free of charge.


  • The Warranty and service book is absent or has corrections in service records or has no service and maintenance records. (The lost warranty and service book is beyond of reissuance).
  • Customer’s Company name and signature are absent in the Warranty and service book.
  • The defect was subject to improper transportation; mishandling; mechanical or chemical effect; use of substandard or improper operating supplies not specified in the supporting documentation; Force Majeure or natural disaster.
  • Performance depreciation was subject of natural tear and wear which includes use of substandard or improper water, combustive and lubricating materials not specified in the supporting documentation; overuse; improper use; low quality or out-of- time maintenance.
  • Traces of unauthorized repair works, dismantling or another interference in equipment design are present.
  • Mechanical damage of equipment components and assemblies is.
  • Marking labels are damaged or removed.
  • Non-original spare parts were used for maintenance or repair works.

The decision of free of charge repair of defective components and assemblies will be made only after technical expertise by UNISTEAM™ technical specialist.


The list of tear and wear parts not covered under the warranty:

  • Fuel mixture ignition device (ignition coil, nozzle);
  • Cutouts, filters (fuel, oil);
  • Transmission belts, hoses.


Due to the fact that the equipment purchased by the Customer is considered to be complex and expensive the Parties come to agreement that in order for a decision to be adopted on warranty liability the Customer refers directly to the Manufacturer “UNISTEAM™ Steam Generators plant”, LLC at 13/23, Turgoyakskoe highway, Miass, 456300, Chelyabinsk region, Russia. Tel. +7-(3513) -54- 34-54, 55-89- 54, 55-89- 43, 29-80- 81.

In case the Customer decides to assert a warranty claim on-site, the Customer makes a prepayment for travel and living expenses of the Manufacturer representative to classify a repair category.

The warranty period of purchased integrated parts is set by the Manufacturer and specified in the Product passport (or in the Operating Manual). In case the purchased integrated part fails during the warranty period the Manufacturer will be liable for the warranty.