The first export delivery of equipment is carried out to the European market

For successful export of product any enterprise shall undergo a serious procedure of certification with respect to the International quality standards.

"Oilfield steam generators plant" — with in "Baseline strategies" of the country

On the 11th of December 2014 the annual All-Russian conference "Baseline strategies of 2015" was held.

Top management of "Oilfield steam generators plant" took part in the ceremonial opening of Russian-Italian Forum in Chelyabinsk

On the 5th of December 2014 the official and business visit of the delegation was held form the Italian Republic to Chelyabinsk region. On the official delegation there were: General counsel of Italy in the city of Moscow, Seignoir Piergabriele Papadia de Bottini, Honorary consul of Italy in Chelyabinsk region, Seignoir Antonio Piccoli.

The delegation headed by the Top manager of « Oilfield steam generators plant» paid a visit to CLAYTON INDUSTRIES

One of the biggest European companies manufacturing steam-generators named Clayton, that is located in Belgium, accorded a hearty welcome to Chelyabinsk delegation of  “Oilfield steam generators plant".

Full European Certification Directive 97/23 EC Pressure Equipment, Directive PED

Directive 97/23/ЕС for pressure equipment covers and applies to equipment, positive-pressure boilers, boilers, containers, assembly elements working under pressure.