Vice Governor of Chelyabinsk region, Ruslan Gattarov, visited UNISTEAM™ manufacture

On January 11, 2017 Vice Governor of Chelyabinsk region, Ruslan Gattarov, arrived on a reference visit to Miass innovation enterprises.

During the visit Mr. Gattarov was able to learn more about the modern technologies used on Miass manufactures and discuss the financial questions and the current problem of import substitution.

UNISTEAM™ became the first enterprise who hosts the high-ranking guests. During the meeting UNISTEAM™ top managers presented the results of the 2016 and the strategic plans to the year 2020: to increase the market share in production and sales of steam units and special purpose machinery, to increase the manufacturing capacity and bring in operation new facility for production of industrial steam generators UNISTEAM-X line. The investments in Research and Development are also planned. The increase of the market share and the manufacturing capacity will provide the possibility to create 40 new work places.

At the meeting it was pointed out that domestically and in-house produced equipment and components are mainly used in production of UNISTEAM steam units. Due to this the UNISTEAM steam units have strong competitive position over foreign analogues: if similar foreign products cost from 6 million rubles then average UNISTEAM unit costs from 3 million rubles. At the same time the UNISTEAM equipment is not only equal with foreign analogues in quality but often leave them behind in many aspects.

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