Unforgettable Women’s day: industrial romance

This year the Women’s day in the Trading and Manufacturing Group “MST”, which Oilfield steam generators plant is the part of, was a success.

The day began with congratulations and nice presents from the male colleagues. The entire day loud laugh was heard behind the Sales Department door – the boys were preparing something.

And finally the personnel were invited to go to … the manufacturing site.   

The manufacturing site did not look as every day: the air was full of flower scent and soap bubbles, bunches of balloons here and there, agreeable music and a buffet table.

The gala concert became the main event of the holiday. “The brightest stars of Russian pop music” sang their best songs. After the concert they also congratulated the ladies with the Women’s day and made the fiery photo shoot with them.

Then, in the contest part of the holiday, the smartest, the most dexterous, the loudest and just best of the best lady were chosen.  

On the banquet the irreproachable “waiters” served all sorts of meals: Russian and Japanese cuisine, and even a chocolate fountain!