New web-site of "Oilfield steam generators plant" started working

On the 5th of February 2015“Oilfield steam generators plant” launched a new corporate web-site named

Successful modernization of the site was completed and launched with the practices of the best international companies in view.

Both the functional capacities of the resource, and its structure and navigation system between pages and sections fell under meaningful changes. As a result, the latest amenities came into being and were presented with the purpose of improving the quality of communication with the end-user.

The improved and better developed site explores visitors’ behave and has control over their belonging to one of the audiences: clients of the company, representatives of different industry branches, business-partners, competitioners / counteragents, mass media, and scientific institutions. In such a manner, our company has passed over from out-of-date model of information delivery with the focus on the increase of its personalization and relevancy.