Oilfield steam generators plant is recognized as the approved vendor

On the 14th of January, 2015 the largest world trading platform www.Alibaba.comInternational assigned the status of the approved vendor (Gold Supplier) to "Oilfield steam generators plant".

Following the results of one-year work the world trading platform www.Alibaba.com has increased a level of credibility to the manufactured and realized production of “Oilfield steam generators plant” as a reliable and strong partner on the international market based on the results of the undertaken studies.

Alibaba Group — Chinese corporate, one of the world leaders in the area of electronic commerce. It possesses different Internet resources structuring the complete infrastructure as a whole for the purpose of buying and selling goods with the help of modern techniques, analysts estimate the cost of AliBaba in about $140 bln, number of clients counts up to 2 bln people.