"Oilfield steam generators plant" celebrated its 5-year anniversary!

23rd December 2014 “Oilfield steam generators plant” took congratulations on the first anniversary!

In the honor of 5th anniversary and 10th anniversary of the Plant since the foundation of commercial and service sectors there were festive events held , ending with gala night “On the way to Parnassus”, where the top managers of the company and the company sectors, and also honorary guests congratulated the personnel with the anniversary.

The leader of the corporate group Commercial and Industrial Concern “Multi industry special-purpose machinery” addressed his colleagues with the speech and congratulated them with the great holiday and with the successful advance of the company’s product to the European market, CIS states, steady growth in production, marketing development and the quality increase of the client service provided with the customer care.

Over the period of 5 years as a result of persistent efforts the development laboratory of  “Oilfield steam generators plant” has constructed and produced more than 1500 steam-generating units and 1000 steam installations. The production capacity of steam ranges from 1000 kgm/hr to 10 000 kgm/hr, that noticeably distinguishes this installation among the Russian and foreign analogues.

In 2014 "Oilfield steam generators plant" suggested the program of modernization intended for the construction of steam-generating units with the aim to upgrade their efficiency. More over, the plant also proposed to develop and implement a number of ecologic projects and the projects of energy conservation on production site.