"Oilfield steam generators plant" took part in VI International Energy Forum "Innovations. Infrastructure. Safety"

On the 16th of December 2014 Moscow «President-Hotel» welcomed the guests and participants of the International Energy Forum "Innovations. Infrastructure. Safety".

International Energy Forum - is an economic and socially and politically significant event as pertaining to the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, development of oil and gas complex and rational nature management, alternative and electrical power engineering. Besides, this forum deals with the application of new technologies in fuel and energy complex.

Purpose of the event lies in the disclosure of strategic objectives, established in the medium term for fuel and energy complex, discussion of procurement routs, effective teamwork of authorities, branch associations, scientific community, representatives of industrial and financial sector aimed at working out recommendations on priority areas of modernization and technological development of fuel and energy complex alongside with its integration into the global economy, safety provision of currently working and infrastructure projects projects under development.

The Forum is held with the assistance of the Energy Department of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly, Russian Academy of Sciences and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Organization and analytic support is provided by the Agency of Strategic Programs.

The Initiative of holding the annual International Energy Forum “Innovation. Infrastructure. Safety” is also supported by the representatives of the Russian political department, heads of Russian regions, leading experts and representatives of other states.

Over the five-year history of the International Energy Forum more than two thousands of people have taken part in it. Representatives of more than sixty regions have attended the International Energy Forum.

Among the permanent Forum participants there are business managers of Russia and CIS states, representatives of line ministries and departments, the Government of the Russian Federation, State Duma Deputies of the Russian Federation, representatives of the President Administration, expert community and academic community, the largest non-governmental organizations of Russia, business and sociopolitical mass media.

It is not by chance that the Forum possesses the status of an international event. Representatives of business structures and business communities from neighboring countries and beyond participate in this forum regularly.

In order to receive the maximal practical effect and result from participation, there exists “the territory of business development” within the framework of  the Forum. It serves as a ground for cooperation of business communities, effective positioning of projects and conclusion of new partner agreements. “Territory of business development” implies working exposition of exhibition, zones of business contacts (for premeditated meetings and conversations / negotiations of Forum participants), as well as the possibility to make presentation of personal projects and ideas.

Specific feature of the International Energy Forum is wide press coverage of the forum in mass media as a specialized subject, so also media exposure in the sociopolitical and business mass media.

Annually the Forum is covered in press by more than hundreds of journalists from central and regional mass-media. Among them there are television channels “Russia 24”, “Expert”, “RBK”, “The first channel of business”. Broadcasting stations “Sound of Russia”, “Russian service of news”, “Kommersant FM”, “City FM”, “Business FM”. Print media is represented by journalists of “Russian newspaper”, “Parliament newspaper”, magazines “RBK”, “The Russian Federation Today”, “Initiatives of XIX century” and many others.

All suggestions on the overriding problems on the agenda received from participants of the event are included into the Resolution of the International Energy Forum, which is directed to the line ministries of the Government of the Russian Federation, committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and to Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for modernization of the economy and innovative development of Russia in the capacity of advisory information in order to make corresponding decisions.