"Oilfield steam generators plant" — with in "Baseline strategies" of the country

On the 11th of December 2014 the annual All-Russian conference "Baseline strategies of 2015" was held.

Our company constantly takes part in various Russian and international conferences with the purpose of obtaining the latest information as concerns the state of market, political, technological and industry trends  and their influence on business.

The participants of the conference discussed rather important issues.

The peculiarities of business dealing in regions. Recommendations on entering other regions, analysis of investment attractiveness in Russian regions.

Solutions in personnel management. Nowadays this field undergoes serious changes. The top managers of enterprises and the specialists of the personnel department had a talk concerning the tendencies in personnel management as well as the labour market, macrofactors.

Cool Company. How to build a company with impact, how to involve employees into the development of the common business and enliven «routine» weekdays and drab existence? The answers to such questions were given to all the participants.

The results of work with personnel in 2013.  What have the companies of the Russian Federation managed to perform, and what not? Actual working capacity of the successful business practice with personnel involved.

Challenges of the year 2014. Directions of the applied force or efforts made while working with personnel:

  • Increase of efficiency
  • Development of future leaders
  • New formats of education and development
  • Controlling results of HR-functions
  • Guidelines of world economy 2015: what is the focus of attention for business leaders of different diverse fields and branches (management teams, investors).