Full European Certification Directive 97/23 EC Pressure Equipment, Directive PED

Directive 97/23/ЕС for pressure equipment covers and applies to equipment, positive-pressure boilers, boilers, containers, assembly elements working under pressure.

The given equipment is supposed to have the capacity of more than 1 litre and  maximum allowable pressure exceeding 0,5 bar.


The area of effect for directive “Pressure equipment” covers the containers, pipe works, protecting devices and appliances working under pressure, as well as positive-pressure boilers, boilers and so on. In cases when it is applicable, the equipment working under pressure includes the elements attached to encapsulated parts such as couplings or flanges, nozzles, box-couplings, supports, pulling yokes and so on. All the equipment under pressure comes onto the market of European Economic Zone (EEA) after May 2002 and it shall correspond to Directive 97/23/ЕC. The equipment shall be marked with СЕ*, if it is applicable to this type of equipment according to the requirements of the directive.

Important information about directive 97/23/ЕС

Directive of new approach 2006/42/EC is aimed at decreasing any sorts of losses, expenditure as a result of accidents that may be caused by using unsafe and low grade equipment. It occurs due to preliminary safety designing and constructing pressure vessels and also due to proper installation, using and maintenance.

* Conformance mark СЕ was legally introduced into being and put into force and effect in 1993 году (according to directive 93/68/EEC as per resolution № 768/2008/EC). Sometimes it is also called as follows: sign СЕ, СЕ mark, conformance mark СЕ. CE marking is obligatory conformance mark for production in case when it is placed on the market of European Economic EU Zone (ЕEZ/ЕEU).

By СЕ marking of its production the manufacturer proclaims that the product corresponds to the main requirements of corresponding European directives of EU, and thus it is of high quality and completely safe for the consumer.